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2022 Emotional Health Monday

Missed Monday’s flash talks? Watch it here


Monday, Oct. 17

Each of the following flash talks lasts approximately 10-15 minutes.

12:00 p.m. | Managing stress in uncertainty and improving self-care
Description: Identifying the signs of and responses to stress and healthy ways to cope
Presenter: Callie Mazurek and Emma Shinagawa, Graduate Students, Clinical Psychology

12:15 p.m. | Self-soothing is good but it does not equal self-care 
Description: Learn how self-soothing offers helpful short-term solutions, but strategic self-care will meet your long-term needs.
Presenter: Dr. Tammy Barry, Vice Provost for Graduate & Professional Education, Professor Dept. of Psychology

12:30 p.m. | Bystander Intervention
Description: Discussion on the 4 methods of intervention that may be used to stop sexual violence
Presenter: Sarah Stephanski, WSU Health Promotion Peer Health Educator

Webinar access

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