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Life Essentials Thursday

Thur., Oct. 21

Each of the following flash talks lasts approximately 10 minutes.

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  • Money-saving meals for everyone

    Alice Ma, dietician, WSU Dining Services

    Time, cooking ability, access to grocery stores, and cooking equipment can all be limiting factors when it comes to being able to purchase and prepare meals on a budget. We will discuss strategies and tips for shopping for and preparing meals while being mindful of cost, time, and other barriers. A brief overview of community resources that address food insecurity will also be presented.

  • Bike maintenance: Importance of the ABC quick safety check before a ride

    Scott McBeath, 3 Forks Bike Shop

    Learn the basic safety check you should do before heading out. Find out what you should have with you to take care of common repairs (like a flat tire or chain problems) and anticipate weather changes.

  • Bystander intervention: Creating a safer campus and community

    Lauren Moffat, Count on Cougs Facilitator

    You will learn and practice using the 4 Ds of bystander intervention to promote a safe Coug community—free from harassment, discrimination and violence.